A Phone Call, A Whisper, and A Prayer

“My heart for you is good – My plans for you are pure and true……You have to move.” These are the things I felt the Lord whisper to my Spirit.


June 28, 2017 –  Jordan and I were finishing up a vacation at the beach when we got a call from our landlord – “I’m selling your house, you have to be out in 30 days as soon as there is a contract on it.” Those weren’t her exact words, but they might as well have been.


Taken as we are moving all of our belongings into a U-Haul!

Shock was likely my first emotion. “I’m sorry – what?” Then excitement “Oh, fun, an Adventure!” Maybe we will finally buy a home?! (We had been wanting to move for a while.) “Oooh, I wonder where the Lord is moving us?!” I figured I had a choice. Look at it through eyes of Adventure or freak out ….I freaked out later ;).


I had a tennis tournament that upcoming week. During the tournament we had a friend come and help us with Aiden for the first match I played. Right as we were about to walk out the door for my second match, Jordan looked at me and asked, “Who’s helping with Aiden?” I shyly turned away and then kind of whispered, “I think there will be a friend there to help us.” “I’m sorry, what?” My husband responded. “Do you have anyone lined up?” My answer: “No, I think there will be a friend there.” He smirked, half looked at me crazy, shook his head and said “Okay, just everyone get in the car.” To be honest, I felt crazy telling him that I randomly thought a friend would be at the park, at the tennis match that I told NO ONE that I was playing in. He’s a nice husband 😉

Jordan and Aiden sat to watch the match and my sweet opponent had her Entire family watching. Jordan struck up a conversation with her family and there were times I literally didn’t even think my husband was paying attention to my match because he was so busy talking with his new “friends”!  I’m convinced they may be the nicest family we have ever met!  Turns out they weren’t even strangers. They go to the same church as us and they watch Aiden in the nursery – WHAT?!


The sweetest tennis tournament. I felt complete support from my family. The top right pic is when I knelt down after my match and my son came running into my arms with his tennis ball. Heart melting!

     Fast forward a week: Jordan and I are still praying about our next steps for where to move. Maybe we will buy our first home? Should we rent again? We get a text from my opponent’s husband from the tennis match.  He has just acquired a new rental property and offered it to us as an option first – What!?  We checked it out immediately and guess what – YEP – that’s where we now live! I’m not even kidding!

Is moving fun?  Nope. Is transition hard?  Yep. Was it hard to leave the home that we brought BOTH of our kids home to? It was for me. But, do I trust that it is good, and that HE is Good? Yes!


     (I always loved getting up before my family and having sweet time with the Lord on our porch while the sun rose.  One of my last sunrise days on our porch.)


I’m so excited about this new season. I’m excited to see WHY the Lord has us where He does.  I’m excited for what He has for us.  When that phone call came that told us that we had to move – the Lord already knew the next steps. That “random” tennis match that I played, where everyone asked me why in the world I was playing when I hadn’t picked up a racket in years – not Random. The Lord knew what we Didn’t know. Even that thought of a “friend at our tennis match” – those quiet whispers in our heart, those nudges, maybe it is actually the Lord- because it WAS in this case! Guys! He does direct our steps. He does know. The waiting is so,so, hard. The unknowns are unbearable at times. But I’m so glad ours wasn’t a long wait and this is a story that I got to see at least some of the pieces come together so quickly!

I am so grateful for a kind, kind Father. One that cares for us and leads and guides us.  We Do not always see the plans.  Often we are standing and looking at life like we stand and look at the moon and stars. We don’t realize all that is in play to keep the world spinning, and everything working exactly as it is supposed to.  We are not alone. We are deeply known, we are deeply cared for. May we have the Faith to trust that the God of the universe directs, leads, and guides our stories and lives. He IS A GOOD GOOD FATHER.


My sweet friend Stephanie May Wilson posted this to her Instagram one day and it has stayed with me ever since.

     May you know today that His thoughts for you are more than the sands of the sea. May you know that your day to day, your passions, dreams, “random” tennis matches and things that make you come alive- even the secret whispers of your heart that you are hesitant to share with those closest to you; aren’t random.  The Lord loves and uses the things of our heart.  May you hear Him whisper to you in the quiet and know that He is holding your hand along the way.  May you go forth knowing that you are seen and loved deeper than you can ever imagine.